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Goodbye, Huggy Bears. Hello, Lovable Lions!

ImageI cannot believe B’s first year of preschool is over tomorrow. We are so fortunate to be part of the Wilder community and I’m thrilled about the relationships he made with his classmates plus the new connections M and I made with the parents in his class and with the school altogether.

It takes a very special person to be teacher, but especially a preschool teacher. When I was Parent of the Day back in the fall, I was able to see first hand the love and genuine desire to help teach and prepare my child. It was a wonderful experience and I came home absolutely exhausted. (How B does not take a nap everyday after preschool I will never understand!)

This year I served as a Room Parent with a few other mothers and with the help of all the Huggy Bear parents we gave the teachers some lovely, thoughtful gifts during the year. I helped organize the end of year gift and think it turned out adorable: a plush spa robe plus a gift certificate to a nearby “Best of Boston” spa. Each present was wrapped up and topped off with a copy of the class photo which has the signatures of every child in B’s class. I customized it with a note to the teachers that reads:

Thank you for a year of learning and fun.
We hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation.
We love you!
Huggy Bears

After all these wonderful women have done to help nurture and love our children for a few hours a day every week, showering them with an appreciative, relaxing gift was a treat for us. Plus we need them relaxed, rested and ready for our kids next year!

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