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We’re Having A….

It’s been a busy summer. I kept meaning to share an update here and there of our adventures, but without the kids in school it really was a bit of a madhouse. B and J are back in school {exhale} and C is home with me and Mary Poppins, natch. M is busy as ever with work and that upcoming election is taking a lot of his “extra” time. As for me, I’m pushing myself to get back into shape with a workout routine, but I’m having to take things slow.

My new business is picking up and my volunteer obligations this fall are in full swing. I really want to work out regularly because it makes me feel better – both body and mind. With all that’s going on I’m feeling sluggish. Plus C is almost 2 years old and with the baby weight still lingering, I keep getting a few sideways stares at my mid-section.

Well, if you didn’t know already (and I’m not sure who wouldn’t because I post a photo daily on FB) — we’re having a renovation!  Yep, no more babies for us. It would take a miracle for that now anyway 🙂 So while our home is literally going to be growing out on three sides, for once in a 5 years, I will not.

I invite you to follow the personal journal of our home renovation project. Although, the house isn’t a real baby, I have done a much better job chronicling the journey of its existence than I have with all three of the boys combined. And since the project is going to take about 9 months, I’m beginning to think we should name the house something. This could be my girl, so something like Tara or even Casa de Chaos would be appropriate. Perhaps I’ll send out move-in announcements? I know a great woman-owned brand marketing company who also happens to be my neighbor and thoughtful renovation project photographer.

Either way, I’m looking forward to welcoming our newest member of the family in early 2013: our renovated home!

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In the Blink of An Eye

Oh yes, time flies when you’re having fun. C is almost 5 months old! J is already 17 months (although he looks older despite the lack of hair). And B, who is 3, has already begun channeling a teenager being moody, staying up late (building robots in his crib), and sleeping in until 9 if we’d let him! But all in all, everything is great. I need to do a better job writing things down. I feel as though I missed out on all of last year. It’s hard to believe this time last year I was getting a sonogram for my pregnancy with C! That won’t happen again I really do plan to buckle down with a good weekly update, and hopefully daily snippets. The things that the boys are saying and doing and learning really does amaze me. I don’t want to miss any more of it on “paper”! So stay tuned. There’s more to come!
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