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Oh, Happy Day!

No one believes in love at first sight… until that special person comes along and steals your heart. 

We met at a summer barbecue on Capitol Hill hosted by mutual friends. He was smitten with me right away and became a generous patron at the museum where I worked. I thought he was cute, but opted to keep things professional. It wasn’t until a group outing evolved into a one-on-one date that I finally realized he was genuinely interested to take our friendship to the next level. We quickly became inseparable. After a trip to Texas to meet my family (where he asked my parents for their blessing), he surprised me with a trip to Puerto Rico. He said it was a getaway to reward ourselves after all the long hours we’d both put in at our jobs, but really it was to throw me off the matrimonial scent. Looking back I don’t know how I couldn’t see it coming… On November 23, exactly five months from that fateful summer day when we met, he proposed to me at sunset in a historic plaza in the city of Old San Juan. Less than five months later we said “I do.”

I’m sure some may have rolled their eyes at our quick engagement, even doubting we would last. Six years, two cities, and three beautiful boys later, he’s still my best friend.

Oh, Happy Day, indeed.

Special thanks to Jack Potts Photography for compiling this video from our wedding day. 

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Oh, Build Me A Home

will this be our dream house?

Today M and I met with a second architect. Yes, our second architect. We were originally very enthusiastic about the first architect, but as we’ve taken our time with our home renovation project we’ve learned more about them that makes us nervous. Rumors of project management problems, the sheer amount of projects they appear to have in the works – based on the number of their signs in yards around town, and the formulaic design approach we’ve begun to notice in other homes are some of our biggest concerns. Not to mention the fact they’re really expensive.

Oddly enough we met the current architect through a dear family friend who grew up with him in Orchard Park, a suburb of Buffalo. Maybe it was destiny that we’d work with him and his wife? Like us, they are a young family. Like us, they understand small budgets and big ideas. It’s not that they’re going to cut corners, but I think they can relate to us more in the sense that they’ve been there. They are there.

We really loved what the first architects provided in the original drawing, but since that initial meeting our family has changed quite a bit. What worked for us then is so drastically different from what we need now – and especially what we want for the future.

While it was an expensive learning lesson having those plans drawn up by the first architect, we did learn from it. Perhaps that’s another reason why we feel so comfortable with the new architect. We’re a little more educated, a little more aware of how the process works. We know now what we don’t want and that’s leaps and bounds ahead of where we were before.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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