Park Playdate

digging in the sand

Friday afternoon playdates are the best. It’s the last weekday hurrah for the kids before the daddy’s are home to play with them all weekend. Plus, we’ve been smart mamas and serving dinner to the kids so it’s a two-fer: they get to eat and wear themselves out at the same time!

I’ve been getting together with some girlfriends and their kids – all mixed ages – for a several weeks now. It’s great because I’m getting some quality time with real friends and the kids are having a blast, too. Most of the kids are close in age, but there’s a definite spread although none of them seem to care.

This particular Friday we went to the park behind Town Hall. With the summer-like temps on Wednesday & Thursday we thought for certain it would be really nice, too. Um, yea, it started to actually snow at one point. The kid’s didn’t care though. In fact, they loved it – even when their hands were starting to turn purple! It’s funny though what some kettle corn snacks and juice boxes can do to divert their attention and provide a little more energy for 30 more minutes on the playground.

B and his bestie were all over the slides. J & C took a calmer approach (which made it easier for me to keep tabs on my crew) and played for quite some time in the sand box.

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One thought on “Park Playdate

  1. Danielle says:

    We don’t get to the park enough anymore. Maybe we can play on meeting you and the boys one Friday 🙂

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