15 Months Visit

Today we went to the new pediatrician’s office for C’s 15 month well-visit. I knew he was a big boy just like his brothers, but I was a little unprepared for how exactly how big he is — still in the 95th percentile! How he has not already dropped down to at least the 90th percentile, I just don’t know? He must have some of Papa Joe’s height in him! I’m hoping he will continue to grow big and strong and one day we might all be watching him from the sidelines at Darrell K. Royal Texas-Memorial Stadium.

Here are C’s stats:

27 pounds, 13 ounces
33 inches long

one-on-one with dr. smith

Our new pediatrician is nothing short of wonderful! Not only did she actually ask questions about things like his speech and diet, but she genuinely seemed interested to hear me rave about what a wonderful eater he is (C’s a big fan of corn these days) and how he can say a few words but that NO! is his favorite. He typically uses it when he’s swatting away one of  his brothers or when we’re trying to put a new diaper on him. Oh yes, C likes to be au naturel just like his older brother J. He is steady on his feet and we’ve started dressing him in hard-soled shoes. He even runs after his big brothers, but I think he enjoys being chased even more. He’s musical and loves to dance. One of his favorite playtime activities is to stack blocks and then knock them down. He finds it hilarious and his belly-laugh that goes with it is the best. C is also a great sleeper – sometimes for as much as 13 hours through the night. He’s our wonderful anchor baby!

Happy 15 Months, C!

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