Put Your Game Face On & Tackle Alzheimer’s Disease

Although autumn is typically associated with football, in the land of charity pigskin powder-puff, late spring and early summer is when you will find most Blondes vs. Brunettes games being held around the country. BvB was created by Southern women and we know not to mess with College Football! Tickets  usually cost around $25 and often include access to both the Draft Party (pre-season) and Victory Party (post-game). Here’s a list of games to attend from sea to shining sea:

Amarillo June 4
Austin May 14
Buffalo TBD
Chicago June 26
Columbus July 30
Dallas August 13
Evansville June 25
Houston June 11
Indianapolis April 30
Jackson May 14
Kansas City Aug 20
Lexington TBD
Los Angeles May 20
Louisville May 22
Lubbock, TX April 30
Nashville August
New York City May 21
Washington,D.C. November

If you’re interested to know more about BvB or host a game in your community, connect with your local Alzheimer’s Association chapter. You can also read about BvB in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, or watch a video that was featured in January 2011 on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown with Norah O’Donnell.

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