Up, Not Out

I’ve hemmed and  hawed about a fourth in my mind, but last night I knew for sure we are finished. (Nevermind the fact, M is booked for surgery later this month to make certain we remain a party of five.) As I watched the boys play with friends, M handed me my second glass of wine and I never felt more complete.
C is nearly walking. He could do it, but I know he enjoys the time “alone” while someone carries him around.
J is not so much a baby anymore, but a real boy and plays well with his big brother — when his brother lets him.
Oh, B! Speaking of the big brother, where is my baby? I feel like he’s grown up overnight. I guess in a sense he did because we let him sleepover at his best friend’s house last night. He had the best time and the best friend’s parents said he was “very well behaved, but a hoot!”
So we may not be growing our family to be bigger, but the boys are growing up big.
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