Sippy Cup Soccer

pele, the soccer great, wasn't much of a dribbler at his first practice either, right?!

Today was B’s first day of soccer. We talked the talk with fancy shin guards & a cool Crewcuts soccer tee. But walking the walk, or rather dribbling the ball, didn’t go so well. He did pay attention – which is impressive that his coaches were able to get 18 3-5 year olds remotely focused on what they were doing – but I do fear a repeat of past “sports” classes. I will give the boy credit though because he did participate by trapping the ball, running up and down the field, and not using his hands.

There were also lots of water breaks, but silly me didn’t bother to bring his sippy cup with us to practice. I mean, does 60 degree weather really require 4 water breaks if you don’t break a sweat? Thank goodness I wasn’t the only mother who forgot to bring it. Although I did feel singled out after the third water break when B kept telling Coach Dave that “My mommy said no water until after practice!”

He has 6 weeks of soccer lessons at the Rec Center. It’s super convenient and I hope the weather stays nice throughout. I can’t imagine how he’ll respond to running around in cold rain. Oh yes, this is rain or shine practice. We’ll see just how well he does. The last time I signed him up for something like this, he spent most of the class crawling around on the floor. For the record, it was introductory hockey. Maybe he’s more {Southern} like his mother than I thought!


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