Yankee Fundraiser

the popular indian summer candle

Have I shared how much I love B’s preschool, Wilder? It’s absolutely darling. Please do not be confused with his play school, Miss Bernie’s, which is equally charming. I never thought I’d say this, but oh, New England, I’m finally warming up to you!

Wilder is a co-op and, interestingly enough, the oldest cooperative nursery school in the United States. I knew as soon as we moved to Hingham this is where I wanted B (and all our kids) to start their education. It’s located in a beautiful, historic building on Main Street. Our other Hingham cousins went to Wilder, too, and loved it. The teachers are wonderful and have been there for years. Just like his cousins, B is a Huggy Bear. Some of the teachers who taught them even asked how the cousins are doing. These boys are now in middle and high school, so you can tell how very dedicated the teachers are to the school. Of course, being the joiner I am, I signed up to be a room mother and am having such a nice time. I’ve met most of the Huggy Bear parents, too, and they are all incredibly kind and friendly. Suffice it to say, any previous opinions I had of Yankees (outside of family, of course) have now been dismissed.

Wilder really is a special place!

Because it’s a co-op, the school has various fundraisers throughout the year. The first one is with Yankee Candles. They do smell amazing, so it should be an easy sell, right? Well, Hingham already has a Yankee Candle store. Plus, the directions state we’re only supposed to sell to neighbors, friends, relatives and co-workers. I can’t see M passing around the order form at work, and I don’t really work outside the home. There are a few kids in our neighborhood who already attend Wilder, so I don’t plan to pester the neighborhood for purchases. I will be asking local relatives to purchase something, and am excited to have figured out a way for those out-of-state family members to contribute, too!

If you are interested to buy a Yankee Candle and help support B’s school, please know that 40% of your purchase goes directly to Wilder. Plus, every time you smell your amazing candle, I know it will remind you of sweet, adorable B.

This is the link to the online catalog: www.yankeecandlefundraising.com

Although the link provided doesn’t accept online purchases –I mean, hello, it is 2011- feel free to look it over and then place your order with the PayPal “donate” button I set up below. Simply enter the amount total for what you’d like to purchase and list the item number in the comments section. If I have questions about your order, or if you’d prefer to mail me a check, let me know. Sales end October 24th, so feel free to place orders until 10/23. Thanks for helping out B and supporting Wilder!


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