Jibber Jabber J

J talking to the ducks

J is becoming quite the talker. Ok, jibber-jabber is probably a better description. He really didn’t begin hearing clearly until after he had surgery for ear tubes at 15 months. His ENT said that basically anything up until that point was like hearing underwater.

I’m still concerned that he doesn’t speak clearly. I’ve even worried he may have some hearing loss. At the very least, I expect he’ll need to have speech therapy at some point. You can guarantee this will be one of the very first things I discuss with his pediatrician at his 2 year well visit in November. I have reached out to the ENT though and perhaps will get in a visit with him in advance.

He does get frustrated because I know he understands us, but we simply don’t always understand him. Milk and juice sound the same to me, so we do a lot of pointing and constantly repeat words to him in hopes he’ll pick it up and say it clearly. He is wonderful with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so at least he’s polite. As his mother, of course I’m proud of that!

All in all, he’s in great general health. J is our sweet boy who loves to give hugs and kisses. He still naps well, but eating a diverse menu a bit a challenge. Thankfully, he no longer has issues like he did earlier in the summer with some foods, but we were made aware he might have an egg white allergy. More details to come on that front soon.

I’ve often felt J hasn’t  had enough of our attention since we learned of C’s impending arrival. Between taking care of C and tending to the demands of B, poor J has been left on his own in some ways. Typical middle child. I’m really looking forward to some one-on-one time with him when we travel to Texas later this week for MP’s baptism. Maybe, with some time for just the two of us, we can work on his words and he’ll bring back a y’all for the Yankee family. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Jibber Jabber J

  1. […] I admit I fought for this. I’ve been asking for at least 2 years to get him help and was largely ignored by our previous pediatrician. So to have the process occur and have him accepted into the program has made me feel validated. […]

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