9 (Almost 10) Months Visit

9 months, 3 weeks

Today was C’s 9-month well-visit. It is actually closer to his 10-month birthday but that’s what I get for not paying attention at the last visit and walking out without scheduling. Plus it’s not like he has any sort of issues that required him to be seen on his exact 9-month birthday. Two children ago this would have driven me insane to have it so off schedule, but three children later all I can is “At least we made it!”

Here are C’s stats:

24 pounds — on the nose!
29 3/4 inches long

This translates to the 95th percentile. Not shocking at all, given that his older brothers were at least this big, if not more by their 9-month well-visits. C is babbling up a storm. He can crawl and has even begun furniture walking. He’ll try anything at least once and eats whatever M and I have for dinner. Dr. Axel told us to take him off formula to whole milk, but C is not a fan of cold drinks. We’re working on that by warming them up and serving him a 50/50 mix. I’m pretty sure he’ll be an ice cold milk fan just like his brothers very soon!

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