Breaking Down Doors

not exactly the warmest of welcomes with this door

Literally. We definitely have to get the house fixed. Aside from space reasons alone, the house is falling down all around us. From cheap kitchen cabinets to DIY tile floors in the playroom to the doors on this house which are all probably original, well, I just can’t stand it. Clearly the boys can’t either. Or it’s just that they’re more mobile and much bigger.

For a while now they would poke holes in the screen in our front storm door. We would constantly tell them to stop, but it was like an itch they couldn’t quit scratching. A few months later when the door is open all the time because we have no air-conditioning, it’s like a beacon calling them to destroy it. So they did.

Part of me is happy they trashed it because I’ve always thought it was so ugly. But the rational (ie: frugal) part of me is upset because I don’t want to buy a new door since I’m not sure what kind of door we’ll have in another year when our house is finally under construction. Luckily I found a decent-looking door at Home Depot that I think will fix our problem without breaking the bank. And it comes with a glass insert so we can leave the door open in the winter for some much needed natural light without having the snow blow in!




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