Some Like It Hot

The heatwave has hit New England and thankfully I’m in the mountains of Utah where it’s a cool, crisp 75 degrees. My children, on the other hand, are suffering in the ridiculous heat with Mary Poppins. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if we had air conditioning, but we don’t. Seriously. It’s 2011 and we have a portable air conditioner that stays parked and plugged in our living room for us to all enjoy it. For the bedrooms I found these fantastic looking and actually incredibly strong fans to keep a breeze going while we sleep.

As a Texas girl, I’ve never known anyone who purposely didn’t have air conditioning. And it was the last thing on my mind when we were on the hunt for our home. It was a beautiful summer day that August when we viewed this house and there was a crisp breeze coming through all the open windows. I just thought the previous owners were enjoying the breeze – and they were, I guess! Because when it gets hot this place is a sauna. So imagine my horror when I’m 5 months pregnant and the temperatures rise for the first time since we moved in that previous October. I am a mad woman searching furiously throughout the house looking for the thermostat. B and I are dressed in our skivvies and attempting to find some relief standing in front of the open refrigerator. I called M at work to see if he knew where it. I actually wondered if it was in the scary dungeon of a basement. What he told me though was much scarier: we didn’t have one. The house doesn’t have air conditioning?! OMG. I could not believe how much we paid to live here without one of the most basic of common luxuries. I knew to ask about a disposal (which is apparently even more rare to have than air conditioning up here) and septic vs. town sewer, but asking to have air conditioning in this day and age never even crossed my mind.

So, back to the kids. They are home suffering. I feel terrible but Mary Poppins is taking good care of them. Lots of pool time and popsicles. Better them than me!

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