Things I’ve Learned This Week

1) Having 3 kids is hard. In fact, as much as I thought I wanted at least 4 kids, after these last two weekends alone, I definitely do not want anymore children. I’m exhausted, run down, and looking forward to some time to myself or at least with a rational adult when M returns.

2) Never leave a preschooler alone in the bathtub alone. The risk of drowning doesn’t scare me so much as the risk of finding another giant turd in what he refers to as a “giant potty.” At least the kid was “smart” enough to grab C’s infant tub as boat so as not to get dirty. We wouldn’t want that, would we? I am happy to report, though, that he has pooped in the real potty two times since then. That’s where poop is happiest! I was not thrilled to clean up the mess in the tub, but I know it’s clean. I poured at least an entire gallon of bleach in that sucker. And the toys that were floating with the floater have a new home at the dump.

3) Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. I missed C rolling over because I was out running errands. I enjoyed the time alone, but sincerely missed this moment. At first I was upset because I missed it for something so selfish, but then I thought this is how M must feel when he misses a milestone because he’s at work. I guess I’d be more upset if the milestone never occurred. I’m trying to be positive!

4) I’m blessed to have three beautiful boys. None of them were perfectly planned, but all of them are perfect – to me at least. Pregnancy is a miracle and I was reminded of this not once, but twice week when two friends recently miscarried. My trio of trouble may drive me crazy, but I’m grateful it’s their presence that makes me crazy and not their absence.

5) Time with each kid is really important. I feel as though J has especially gotten the squeeze with C’s arrival and B’s ever-demanding toddler ways. We spend time together every Friday, just the two of us at Isis. I’m not super crazy about the music class, but I adore our one-on-one time together. I’m a middle child myself and look forward to giving him the attention he deserves.

What lessons have your children taught you? 

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