Barnyard Birthday Blowout

Maybe blowout is a bit aggressive of a description, but we did have a great time celebrating B’s 3rd birthday. I admit the farm theme was not my first choice, nor was it his. If B had his choice of themes it would have been about cake. Seriously. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday that was what he requested. Well, that and a puppy. I told him he already has two puppies: his brothers.

My first choice theme was actually bowling. I thought that would be lots of fun. We have this cute vintage bowling alley in town. I was going to have custom bowling shirts made and assign the kids to teams with names like “Blowout Bowlers” and “Diaper Strikers” but first I had to make sure B could bowl. It’s not regular bowling, by the way. It’s called candlepin bowling and the balls are teeny tiny – perfect for little hands. The only hitch? He hated it! B liked the shoes more than the actual bowling part, but what did us in were the ice cream vending machines. After less than 10 minutes of actual bowling, or in his case hurling small balls down the lane, B decided he’d rather sit and watch the rest of us while enjoying an ice cream sandwich.

i scream for anything but bowling

It was obvious. I had to find another theme.

Luckily for us, our fitness club hosts birthday parties. They are a little steep in cost, but the best part about having it there is they clean up everything. SOLD! When I told M we could leave as soon as the party was over he was ready to whip out his credit card and sign on the dotted line. So with the venue set, now I needed a theme. What in the world was I going to do for a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds? My choices were a farm inflatable and the pool. As much as the pool sounded enticing – can we say Shark Week theme – the idea of getting into a bathing suit less than 3 months post partum in front of family and friends is what pushed me in the bounce house direction. If I don’t like looking at my body at the moment, then no one else should be subjected to looking at it either. And this is even if I do wear out their kids, feed them, and give them a present when the party is over.

I’m happy to report the party was a hit! The Birthday Boy loved it. The guests had fun. And I didn’t have to clean up afterwards. That’s all the matters, right?

Well, for those who think the details matter, like I do, here are the resources for B’s successful barnyard-themed birthday bash:

the party hats are what sold me on this invite

these hats are too much fun!

the kids had a blast on this bouncy

the most delicious cupcakes & adorable toppers ever

not only did these cakepops look good, they tasted great

custom favor bags to coordinate with the invite

all the kids were given hats that matched the invitation

Invitation: Tiny Prints
Birthday Crown: Dr. Felt Good
Cupcakes: Molly Made It
Cupcake Toppers: Bug & Boo Designs
Cake Pops: The Dancing Ladybug of Milton
Favor Bags: KellyKrockerKreates
Favors included giant cake pops from Molly Made It, pig-shaped silly straws and dress up farm animals from
Venue & Catering: Weymouth Club
Matching Birthday Hats: Bayou Moon

iTunes Playlist: Birthday (The Beatles), Old McDonald (Ella Fitzgerald), Bennie and the Jets (Elton John), F.A.R.M. (Farmer Rick), Farm (Imagination Movers), Birthday (Kings of Leon), I Know A Chicken (Laurie Berkner Band), You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett), Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones), Marvelous Day (SteveSongs), Down on the Farm (Tim McGraw), Happy Birthday (The Ting Tings)

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